Skin Analysis for Acne and Wrinkles

At Reflections, patient education and outcomes are important. For this reason, the VISIA photographic equipment is used to document your visible and invisible skin conditions. It records existing wrinkles, sun damage and acne porphyrin counts allowing patients accurate pictures of their skin’s health and recommended treatment plan.

This allows both the practitioner and patient to view the true and actual current condition of your skin and underlying tissues. By establishing a baseline in your consultation, you have a physical copy of these issues from which your treatment plan will be developed by you and your provider.



Acne and Wrinkle Treatment Results

At the end of your treatment plan, you will have an opportunity to see the visible change in wrinkle, brown spots and porphyrin counts. This is all done without x-rays but with advanced skin optics.

Sounds wonderful and it is!! You feel confident that the money you invest is truly shown in the outcomes.

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