What is Skin Tightening?

Skin tightening usually refers to a non-surgical laser, light based or radiofrequency technology used to target sagging skin due to loss of the supporting collagen structures.

Although the results cannot be compared to plastic surgery, non-ablative forms of skin tightening usually result in no “down-time”, recovery period, incisions or scars.  Additionally, patients report a more natural youthful appearance rarely matched by plastic surgery.

Symptoms for Skin Tightening Procedures

  • Sagging face or body skin
  • Loose skin
  • Facial jaw line sagging (sagging jowls)
  • “Bat wings” under the upper arm

What Causes Skin Sagging?

Collagen loss due to prolonged and unprotected sun exposure is a major factor as we age. Often women who have been through menopause experience these conditions resulting from hormonal and genetic changes. Dr. Mary Campbell of Campbell Family Practice in Houston, Texas has been treating menopause symptoms and consulting men and women since 1991. By combining medical knowledge with cosmetic medicine, our providers deliver assurance their total health is considered and understood.

Cutera-Titan Before and After


What Type of Skin Tightening do you Recommend?

At Reflections Medical Spa, our Cutera technology, also known as the Titan procedure, is one of the most respected and trusted forms of skin tightening available. It has significant advantages over the non-ablative radiofrequency systems by often providing a much less painful experience allowing for similar, if not better, clinical outcomes and is FDA approved for deep dermal heating.


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