IPL/Photofacial To Treat Brown Spots

brown spotsTreatments for Sun Damage and Brown Spots on Skin
We are aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure but what about the damage that may be underlying and surfacing now in the form of brown spots on our skin? Reflections Medical Spa has answers to diagnose as well as treat these conditions before they become more serious.

How Do I Know Where My Sun Damage Exists?

With our advanced skin analysis equipment, the VISIA, we document and record a pictorial mapping of both your visible and hidden sun damage. Using this information as a guide, our medical aestheticians are trained to analyze and provide a physical image to supplement your treatment plan. Based on the this analysis, your goals, budget, and Dr. Campbell’s expertise will guide a suggested treatment protocol so you know exactly what to expect.

Correct Brown Spots and Redness

Correct your brown spots and redness before they turn into actinic keratosis (AK), which are scaly, crusty raised lesions. Left untreated, these could potentially turn into basil cell carcinoma.

What Treatments are Performed to Remove Brown Spots?

Advanced Intense Pulsed Light procedures called Limelight by Cutera, are sophisticated calibrated light procedures providing excellent efficacy and control. This device allows our staff to adjust the treatment to your specific needs. With precise calibration, our IPL offers you safety and precision often eliminating the need for additional procedures outside the initial recommendation. It also gives you piece of mind for safety and post-treatment outcomes.



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