2D & 3D Rejuvenation

How to Treat Wrinkles and Sagging Skin in Houston and Pearland, TX

Many patients visit Reflections Medical Spa to find corrective procedures for their skin tone, texture and tightness. Often these result from previous sun exposure, aging, genetic disposition or a combination of conditions.

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Over time, small imperfections can turn into multi-layered problems such as sunspots, rosacea, spider veins, wrinkles, poikiloderma, and  sagging skin. If left untreated, these surface symptoms can affect the visible skin in a more damaging manner or even lead to deeper dermal issues and the need for a targeted multi-layered approach. In order to combat skin issues on multiple levels, our offices offer two dimensional ( 2D) and three dimensional (3D) laser and light based treatments.

2D and 3D  Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for Sagging and Wrinkled Skin

By offering a two or three-tiered approach to skin rejuvenation, we simultaneously address patient’s skin tone, texture and tightness with the following technologies:

Photo Genesis (IPL) – Tightly controlled and calibrated Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) procedures targeting red and brown spots on the face and body’s upper most skin surface

Laser Genesis – Unique micro-second 1064 Nd: YAG laser procedure to improve pore size, skin texture and wrinkles in the papillary dermis

Cutera-Titan Before and After

Titan – Tailored infrared light for sustained deep dermal heating to contract and stimulate collagen in sagging skin areas

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